Bloodwolf Legion: Session 1

Lieutenant Dan has a job for our do-badders, to retrieve a book of histories relating to Aydan Stormcrow which was ‘acquired’ from a local barbarian tribe by bandits unknown.

Heading to Spears End the legionnaires find a knight of House Devonyork has also been asking around about the same book. Following the knights trail to a graveyard a ways outside town, they find the dead walking.


Gregor approached the cemetery with his fellow Legionnaires, the shambling forms of lesser undead were easy to spot within the grounds. He strode boldly onward, heedless of another Legionnaire’s concerns for safety, "Fear not, they are friends of mine, they’ve just yet to realize it. He grasped his beloved gift of the Mistress, the silver pendant beholden to her power and raised it aloft as he entered the cemetery, gaining the attention of all the undead within. He felt the darkness swell within him, channeling her might as a wave of Negative Energy poured through him like a gate, “Hear me denizens of the Dead, and YIELD to my command!” For all his impressive display, he was yet untried at this new-found power, only a rotting dog trotted over and sat at his feet, the rest shambled closer as Sybil skipped past him, burying her toes in grave soil and pointed at a skeleton, bending it to her will. Norice looked almost bored as he set a shuffling female zombie ablaze with a fiery bolt of magic while Katsu leapt his mount over the fence, his lance driving through a skeleton’s ribs, spreading them apart and shattering them to bits. Talelle moved up, striking the burning zombie as Sarah maneuvered in to watch. Gregor contemplated the zombie canine, but dismissed it as useless, he was about to ask Talelle to rid them of it when another skeleton struck the half-elf with a grievous wound. Gregor moved forward, bringing the dark energies of his Pallid princess to bear to seal the ghastly wound. The Half-elf thanked him which he shrugged off, “If you want to thank me, destroy patches here so that I may bend the will of one more useful.” More skeletons sat up from their tombs, called by the combat, but the Bloodwolf Legionnaires quickly dispatched the last of them, Gregor maintaining control over two skeletons with broken weapons. There was an abandoned church on the property which someone alternating between sobs and maniacal laughter contained within. There, they found the ghostly apparition of the knight they sought with the Devonyork Crest. Through careful discussion they found their true quarry was a Necromancer, who sought to raise the dead back to the heights they’d left the prime material plane as, making Sybil and Gregor exchange glances. It was a fascinating idea, Gregor would have to study it… after they’d recovered the book and completed their task.

Bloodwolf Legion: Session 1

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