Bloodwolf Legion: Session 2

The Three-Way

Picking up the necromancers trial from the cemetery, our soulless band of murderers heads south. After a day and night of watching Katsu Takara ride, they come upon a battle just nearing it’s end.

Three wagons sit in the middle of a field of corpses. Two of the wagons are destroyed, but the middle wagon seems to be built of sturdier stuff, and is intact. The ground is littered with dead humans, lizardfolk and skeletons, and the sound of fighting can be heard to the south east.


Gregor smiles at the implications of making new “friends” and walks serenely ahead, stepping around the top half of a still-crawling skeleton, mindful that it was not it’s best, so made no move to control it. He walked up by the remaining cart, noting the bars and lock, and mentally bade his minions to lie down, “At peace” before looking in. Within the cart was a rough looking half-orc, a prisoner from the looks of things. The other Blood Legionnaires took interest in the prisoner, allowing Gregor to move on. He noted a battle continuing with kobolds and a few skeletons in the distance and bid his skeletons rise and loot the nearby bodies of the fallen. The prisoner was freed, but bid to stay while the Legionnaires took it upon themselves to finish the kobolds, working their muscles loose. They fell upon the larger number of the small lizard-like folk like the ravages of the plague. Gregor stepped slowly and boldly within the middle of the pack, of all of them, his voice rising in a fervent prayer to Urgothoa, “Misstresssss… HEAR my plea… Use me as a conduit, unleash your dark, embracing energies through my mortal shell. FEED UPON THEIR SOULS!!!” Upon uttering the last syllable, dark energies crackled along his holy symbol, flowed out through his body and burst around him, drawing the life force down of everything around him, even Gregor. Many of the kobold’s heart gave way under the chilling essence of his mistress’ caress. Sarah, though standing back away also fell faint to the dark energies. The rest of the kobolds fell swiftly, mostly to Katsu and his horse, Shinobu. Gregor walked over and gave some of the precious lifeforce his mistress has harvested and used it to awaken Sarah. As they collected the gear and the skeletons under Gregor’s command put on the armor they found, Sarah walked past Gregor, “slipping” he knife cutting a gash along his forearm, he frowned but could discern no lie as he apologized immediately and began patting at the wound in a bad attempt to staunch the bleeding. he frowned and silently healed the Shinobu, recognizing the use the animal had been in the battle, then pulled himself up into the prison carriage’s bench, grabbing the reigns. The amulet of Devonyork was with the body of the dead paladin, as promised by his ghost. Gregor smirked and wondered what the paladin would think if he knew that his armor was now in use by yet another undead. The amulet pointed towards the south, but it was decided, with the wagon they’d make better time returning to the road from the direction they cam, and used the road to catch up to the necromancer. Nearly back to the city, they were forced to camp for the night, and during the stillness of the night, the prisoner escaped.

Bloodwolf Legion: Session 2

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