Bloodwolf Legion: Session 3

Mind your Manor

Four of the party were called back to the Legion for reasons unknown, but three more Legionaires show up with a pile of gold to join with the two remaining from the original party. Gregor the Unrepentant and Talelle welcome the bringers of money, Thorn, Rose, and Krugar, and after a small time outfitting themselves, infiltrate the necromancers manor in the inner city of Spears End.


It was early morning when their companions had changed. Apparently Sarah and the others had been recalled for something or another, it was just as well. Sarah had not been much for Talelle’s advances, and at the least this new woman, Rose, looked more pliable. And that she and the others came with money in hand made them all more than welcome reinforcements. After outfitting herself more properly, the party, now 5 instead of 6 began their investigation into the Mansion.

It was fraught with peril but no foes could keep Talelle and the Bloodwolf Legion at bay. Every encounter was met with fierce responses, and even the worst of their enemies fell before them.

Over the course of the night Talelle fought side by side with Rose several times, and not only did this woman seem more pliable she also seemed more caapable. By the end of the night Talelle was right smitten, and now fiercely determined to win the young Rogue over.

When they’d cleared much of the mansion they decided it was time to rest and head back up to the main building. Despite her best effort Thorn kept her from being as close to rose as she would have liked, but that was fine for now. For now Talelle was satisfied to watch Rose. And watch she did, for much of the night, the young Rogue was jubilant, and the deftness with which she used her weapons or worked a lock was fascinating to watch. Talelle could not manage to sleep until late in the night, smitten that she was.

There were few things in life that Talelle paid much mind to, those were the job and the things she wanted, and Rose was something she wanted.

Bloodwolf Legion: Session 3

Entering the manor after receiving the new assistants and money from the Legion, Gregor paused at the entryway as he used his skeletal minions to check for dangerous traps. He heard the silky, chilling whispers of his Mistress fill his soul with such a sultry emptiness and a ritual was emblazoned in his mind. His work was finding favor with her, and Urgothoa had granted him the means to make a more powerful form of undead ally. He chuckled to himself as they searched the manor and raised an eyebrow at the thoughts of what could be done when one of the newcomers, Daisy was it, he couldn’t remember, found the deed to the manor and a latch opening up a door to an underground laboratory. The Legionnaires entered cautiously fighting off undead most of which Gregor commanded and discarded down a pit as not suitable to his needs, and some lycanthropes. There was more to clear, but the fighting took its toll on them and they decided to withdraw to rest for now. While waiting to be able to pray to his Mistress in the dark of the night, Gregor made preparations, performing the ritual he’d gained on the unlucky half-orc they’d run across yet again in the laboratory. as he chanted to the Pallid Princess, he cut incisions along the arms and legs of the helpless half-orc, then traced bloody lines along his chest, making a mockery of a skeletal structure before finally slitting the orc’s throat after hours of chanting. Dark energies swirled from Gregor’s medallion, then his whole body, coalescing around the still, but warm body of the half-orc, sliding in through the cuts. The body convulsed as Gregor slumped wearily to his knees, the slit became tears and the bones broke through the skin, it’s red, gory skeleton sitting up on the table, the eyes glowing with an inner fire, muted by a slow, constant drip of blood. Gregor smiled, his cracked mind choosing the name of his daughter’s porcelain doll. In his mind he could see the bone white of the porcelain from under the blood in his house, and it seemed fitting for something of his daughter to watch over him now.

Bloodwolf Legion: Session 3

Rose always hated new assignments with strange people, and some of these were stranger than most. There was the man who commanded the undead, and later came a woman who seemed to want to be friends. Rose was sure the woman wanted her brother, Thorn, and that is why she was being nice to her. Get in good with the sister and the brother is easy, most reasonable females knew that. Poor Talelle has no idea that Thorns heart belongs to.. another.

If only Rose could find someone like that, but her passions lay elsewhere. Nothing got under her skin in that way except the trill of the kill. Knowing she was deaths right-hand is what kept her coming back for more. Her cold steel the spike from which the creeping coldness of death emanated. Even though she could not hurt undead like she could the living Rose found them fascinating. It was like watching her own handiwork get up and live again in an odd way.

Speaking of undead, Rose could not help but be curious as to what the necromancer was doing with the half-orc. She secretly watched, staying well out of the way as the man brought death and life to the half-orc, appreciating a master going about his craft.

The battles they had fought today still running through her head as Rose analyzed each move made in her minds eye. Learning as she watched it all play out, again and again, and realizing the potential for new moves with her fellow group members. This group had potential, as long as nobody did anything overly stupid.

Bloodwolf Legion: Session 3

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