Bloodwolf Legion: Session 5

Divide and Conquer

Word finally came from the Lieutenant Dan, a messenger showing up at the Manor and providing our evil doers with their contact information for their next job. It takes a few days, but they finally make it to the warlords encampment.

Tinklehoof the Terrible, the halfling centaur, welcomed the party into his opulent tent and spelled out the contract. His pony sized body was a shaggy dingy brown with leather barding. The cruel looking halfling smiled, his scarred features twisting half the grin into a sneer.

“There’s a fishing village a day and a half ride south of here, it’s on a river along the edge of the Endless Forest and Aydan. They normally pay us protection money in the form of large quantities of fish, which my army desperately needs.” Tinklehoof stared down the Bloodwolf mercs, “And now they quit payin.”

“I need that food coming in on a steady basis, and your job is to make that happen.” Reaching down the centaur grabbed a large bag of gold and lifted it onto the table with a heavy thud. “This here is extra, if you find out what put them in this state of mind and make sure it doesn’t ‘spread’.”

The contact made, the party headed out to the village of Docktown, fishing community build on a series of docks sticking far out into the river.

Meanwhile, Thorn is back at the Manor in Spears End and is working on his campaign to become cities new magistrate. Luckily for him, nobody else knows there’s even an election, which provides him with a great head start.


Gregor moves with his robed, skeletal cadre, plus Pringles, keeping walking behind the carriage, their long monk’s robes concealing their true nature. The small band of Legionnaires had met with the Warlord Tinklehoof and received a down payment for their services to be rendered. They arrived in the vicinity of the town at night and watched to see the surprisingly well-lit and guarded village on the river. After an hour or two of watching, Gregor removed his platemail and crept closer, intent to see if he could gauge their defenses with using one of their own. He whispered a prayer to his dark mistress and one of the guards being replaced by another gave a roar of anger, shoving him off the small watchtower into the river below. Many people moved to see what was going on, including some bearing the symbol of Sarenrae, the Goddess of Summer. Gregor narrowed his eyes, he’d have to be careful around these, they actively sought out and destroyed undead. He gave a command, ordering Pringles to enter the well on shore, thinking to temporarily sour their water. They withdrew for the night, and all but Gregor and Talelle left to investigate the village during the day. They’d found an abandoned hut, built into the base of a tree, obviously of gnome or some other smaller fae had built it, but it was tall enough inside to not be uncomfortable. After a short rest Gregor prayed to his dark lady and fell into a thoughtful daze, gazing up at his holy symbol as he spun it in his hands, remembering the past. He was brought out of his reverie with the realization that the comely fighter was speaking to him, saying something about what things could be done with everyone gone. He nodded, “Indeed, one could do many things behind closed doors.” He idly wondered if she was seeking Urgathoa’s blessing. She didn’t seem the type, but seemed unhappy with his less than enthusiastic reply. He shrugged, engaging in small talk with the woman, seeking to see if she truly wanted an eternal existence. He concluded she did not… yet. The others came back after several hours telling of the city, the ship that brought the Sarenraetes to the village and Brother Grend had even more interesting tales to tell. Two knights left for the day in a patrol of the area, and better yet, they split up at a fork in the road by the Endless Forest. “We must go meet them, and ensure they do not return.” He proclaimed. Talelle spoke up, I can take the Cavalier, but Gregor shook his head, “We shall fight them separately. A divided enemy is weak and we shall fall upon like like a tidal wave of death.” He started pacing, envisioning the attack in his mind, “We will leave before dawn, and set up within the path of the woods, disable the carriage by removing the pin and a wheel, Cupcake with have a crossbow bolt or two through him, and I will have one affixed to me with Cupcake’s blood covering us both. We will be the bait to draw these cavaliers from their destriers and onto the ground where they can be easily overwhelmed and slain.”

Later that day…

The trap was set, Rose crouched high in the treetops above Gregor, Blades and Hatchet shot Cupcake, the crossbow bolts piercing “vital” areas, Gregor chuckled at the sight of Cucpcake laying down, a bolt through it’s helm. He then forced a bolt into himself, using cupcake’s blood and Rose’s handy disguise skills to look grievously wounded. Talelle stood out in the open, stabbing herself with her dagger a few times to look injured, and started calling for help when she saw the first knight coming down the trail. “Help!” she cried, “We’ve been attacked! I-I think he’s dying!” The knight rode up to the carriage, swiftly dismounting and moving forward, glancing at the still form of Cupcake and then moving on to Talelle and Gregor. Gregor reached up towards the knight feebly as the knight knelt and started praying to Sarenrae, Gregor prayed with him, clasping his hand, his own becoming chilled to the bone momentarily, his touch was to paralyze the knight but Sarenrae interfered with his Mistress’s power, protecting the knight from the spell as Rose fell on the knight. The man never had a chance as the trap was sprung, dying within seconds under a flurry of blows from all sides. When they stood and picked his pockets clean with smiles, Gregor prayed to his mistress, the flesh falling sicking off the bones of the corpse as the knight’s skeleton stood up, “Hello Sticks.” Gregor said quietly.

The next trap did not start off so well, the knight detecting an evil aura near Talelle, dropping his lance and spurring his destrier into a charge. As the cavalier thundered towards the lone woman, Grend’s spiked chain whipped out of the bushes, entangling the horse’s forelegs. The horse fell hard, but the knight managed to control the fall without the horse breaking it’s legs or throwing him from the saddle. Again, Rose dove out of the tree, landing on the horse’s back, attempting to stab the well-armored warrior, her dagger failing to find a chink in his armor. Grend leapt from the brush, grappling the man and wrenching him from the saddle of his horse. The man was quickly pinned to the ground, where he surrendered and was slain. Gregor first wanted to animate the man’s skeleton, but others wanted to hang him as a warning. Krugar wanted to carve the message into his chest. Gregor raised a hand to ask for silence, “We may do most of these, we need to scare the villagers into begging the warlord for protection, I think we send the man back to his people, message carved into his chest, walking on his own power, How would those who follow Sarenrae feel to have one of their own made into a zombie?” He smiled to the approving nods.

Bloodwolf Legion: Session 5

_To my beloved

It has been a few weeks since my last letter to you. Quite much has changed over these last several days. My sister and I have aquired a beautiful manor in central Spearsend. It seemed it was taken over by an evil necromacer, but he was no match for my power as my friends assisted. The mayor was kind enough to sign the deed over to us after he heard of our heroic actions inside. Over the course of the last week we have been tidying up the place to make it presentable. I would not want you to arrive and it not be to your liking.

As we have been here I feel that I can give so much more to the community. My life as a civil servant would great to aid the city and make it a better place. I have decided to run for city council and make the world a better place a little bit at a time. I will bring you here someday so you can see the town.

One last thing has been worrying me. Would you be repulsed if I looked entirely different than last you saw me? I pondered this a while and I may be going through some bodily changes sometime soon as magic does strange things. I hope you would accept me as I am still as my mind and actions would not change.

I will work hard to get this civil service job and make a good salary so I may take care of you and buy you the things you want or need. I will write to you again soon my love.


Bloodwolf Legion: Session 5

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