Bloodwolf Legion: Session 6


After ambushing some Knights of Sarenrae, the legionnaires head north to return to Docktown, the small fishing village they were contracted to bring to heel. Talelle managed to convince a Cleric of Sarenrae, as well as one of the goddesses Battle Monks, to follow her to the corpse of their comrade. These two do-gooders were also dispatched by the party.

Following this Krugar brought the corpse of the Cleric, animated by Gregor the Unrepentant, to the entrance to the town, and proceeded to decapitate him in an intimidating show of viciousness. The strongest of the fishing village tried to fend off the Bloodwolf mercenaries with the help of some acolytes of Sarenrae, but the highly potent party was to much for the peace craving people.

After a running fight both on and off Docktown. Brother Grend worked his melee magic while Rose pierced those he grappled with deadly efficiency. The fight was decidely over, however, when Thorn obliterated the boat belonging to the followers of Sarenrae, a boat trying to flee while crowded with children and elderly.

The fireball incinerated a quarter of the boat instantly, cooking the peasants on board alive. Gregor, to his goddesses chagrin, lept into the water and proceded to save many of the victims from the brink of death.

For what will follow, with inner party conflict building up and profit margins disappearing, tune in next week!


Gregor went over the fight at the village of Docktown in his mind, everything was moving flawlessly, until a tiny bead of orange streaked out from the newly remade Thorn, striking the side of the sailing vessel of Sarenrae, filled with the women, children and elderly of the village. They were supposed to frighten the villagers, kill the followers of Sarenrae, but as the bead struck the side of the ship it erupted into a violent, pyroclastic explosion, engulfing half the ship. The villager’s screams broke through the jaded cleric’s mind and an image of his daughter, Danica, filled his mind. Before he knew it, he’d burst into a run, running into the village, past quarreling teammates, shedding armor as he ran and dove into the waters, healing those he could, struggling to remain floating as his armor tried drawing him down into the depths. He placed villager after villager on the docks. By the time he was finished and dragged himself from the water, the other Legionnaires had gone. strode away with his undead minions and after half a mile released his control over the zombies made from the former followers of Sarenrae.

Bloodwolf Legion: Session 6

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