The Fallen: Session 1

Lance Point

The Fallen are forced into action to protect Celeste, the last remaining member of the Brennan bloodline after her father, Lord Brennan, was reported killed in a skirmish north-west of Lance Point. Fearing an overpowering orcish attack, a small group of the Fallen head out with Pip and Celeste to the south-east, following the edge of the Fogland Marsh to make a wide circuit to Newcastle Hold. The remaining Fallen stay behind to guard the town and verify the fate of Lord Brennan while the rest of the townsfolk fled south.

Celeste Brennan was whisked away from her home by her mentor Pip and her ever present bodyguard Grumpy with two other townsfolk, after finding out her father, Lord Brennan, had been killed by orcs. The rider had delivered the message, along with his arrow riddled body, to the center of town. Now she has been attacked and seen men killed right next to her, as well as discovering there’s more to these townsfolk, even her life long bodyguard, then meets the eye.

Kragg proved to be more then just a blacksmith and carpenter, annihilating his foes with flail and spiked shield.

Seaian Joysword used his knowledge of the marsh to guide the party away from Lance Point. His verbal sparring is nearly as good as his actual swordplay.

Pip Fleetfoot is finally on a grand adventure, though it didn’t start out quite as well as it could have, and his bardic talents proved quite useful.

Grumpy seemed to be in his element, cleaving through the enemy with is mighty sword. Who knows how the tension between he and Pip will play out.


Celeste takes her scrollbook from her bag and after checking that nobody is looking turns it over and around with a flourish and lays it down upside down. She opens the back cover and turns through some blank pages to yet another blank page. She reaches again into her bag and pulls forth a brilliant white ink quill and a bottle that looks to be empty. Opening the bottle she dips the ink in and begins to write, brilliant green-blue ink flowing from the spotless quill.


It has not sunk in yet, but father is dead. Orcs wiped out his entire group while on patrol except for brave Phillip who returned to bear us the news. Uncle Pip and Sir Grumpy got us all out of there. I know, even if I never saw a flame that my nightmare of the town burning to the ground is true, but I also know that people had some warning and hopefully made it to safety. I should have done more for them, I needed to do more from them, but I could not think clearly.

Seaian and Kragg joined us in leaving the town, taking us through a different route than the refugees were fleeing. I did not ask why, I never thought to ask at the time. We were followed though, something Uncle Pip called a “doppelganger” was watching us and following us, he will not do that again. It was the first time I have seen death. It saddened me, but not because of the end of life, the creature made its choices, and they were of an ill nature, so nature took over. No, I was saddened because I felt helpless for the creature and my friends too.

I do not know what it is yet but I can’t help feeling like Seaian, Kragg, and Sir grumpy are hiding something from Uncle Pip and me. I know they likely think it is for my own good, it seems to be all any of them ever worry about, but knowledge is good too and I am not the child they all seem to think. Maybe that is it; I need to not be the child they think I am. I need to find out why these minions of devils are after me…


As Celeste writes the last word the page glows slightly and the ink disappears. She closes the scrollbook and puts it back into her bag along with the ink and quill.

The Fallen: Session 1

Journal of Wade Wiliamson aka Grumpy:

So I saw my allies in true combat for the first time today. I fully trust the other Fallen with me and am glad they are the ones who came along. I have respected Kragg’s skills with his flail for years now and have always made sure not to underestimate Saiyan’s skills in just about everything else. The Fallen fought well and even Pip got in on the action and motivated us to fight harder. Having known Pip for years now its good to see that he has picked up at least a little bit of combat knowledge from his excursions with the Lord.

Now on to Celeste…..she needs some work. Im not even remotely confident in her abilities to properly defend herself if it comes to it. I know she is good with magic, but magic runs out long before a sword does. I shall have to start making her do daily training with me to help improve some of her skills in a fight since i am certain this will not be the last time we see combat before this is all said and done.

The Fallen: Session 1

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