The Dawn Blade

weapon (melee)

The Dawn Blade is a two handed scimitar like weapon owned by Sir Pennington Devont.


Penn earned this weapon during a tourney hosted by the Devonyorks. This tourney was apart of the Sunwrought Festival on the 24th of Sarenith, 3151 AR. This particular event hosted a joust as usual, but also included a large melee in honor of Sarenrae’s gift with blade work.

A seventeen year old Pennington enlisted himself in the melee competition. He was newly knighted, and of such low birth many thought him an afterthought. It was his smooth tongue and dashing looks that enamored Duchess Christina Devonyork to allow his entry.

Despite all odds, Penn was able to survive the ordeal through the days of the tourney, increasing his place on the lists. His close calls against his combatants often sent wails and shutters through the female audience. This habit earned him the nickname of the Knight Mesmer. Its a name that both attributes his good looks and an attempt to demean his combat prowess. Many nobles at the event think his popularity with the opposite gender is more attributed to his success than any arms skill.

Regardless of opinion, Penn did win the event. His winnings were the right to name the maiden that would serve as the Dawnflower at the closing of the festival. This lucky maiden got to ceremonially slay a cloth mock Rovagug with a pitch covered flaming scimitar.

In addition he won a purse of three thousand gold, and a relic from before the Red Founding. This was a curved greatsword called the Dawn Blade. It is a well made masterwork sword that holds a mild enchantment.

He was also enlisted as personal knight guard to the Devonyorks, entrusted along with others in the protection of Duchess Christina Devonyork.

The Dawn Blade

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