Session 4
Full Circle

Our hero’s spend a week in Devonyork Keep preparing to leave with the combined army of Dwarves and Humans soon to be sailing up river to Leibourne. The day before the scheduled departure a message arrives from Leibourne indicating a group of Dwarves headed out with Mr. Bill and his refurbished caravan to hit the Duergar ruins. Mr. Bill was to gather up the remainder of his goods at the ruin before continuing on to Newcastle Hold. The dwarves were supposed to send word via some pigeons they brought with them, but no word ever arrived.

The Oathshield longbeard asked Torin if he and his companions could leave before the main host, which still has to gather at Leibourne before heading into the mountains, and see what can be found.

After another two and a half week journey by wagon from Devonyork back into the caravan routes to the Duergar ruins, the party arrives to find nobody alive… strictly speaking.

Session 3
Devonyork Keep

On the way to Devonyork Keep, UnJak Rastan became ill with food poisoning. Unfortunately he was terribly ill the entire week and a half journey.

Andrik discovered through some locals at an inn that there’s an increasing bandit problem along the road to Devonyork. Through preparation, the adventurers took care of the bandit problem and added two more prisoners to their tally.

Torin Thunderkeg and his family had an early reunion in the Dwarven Commons, and our hero’s informed Duchess Devonyork and the Dwarven Longbeards of the Duergar threat, and the possibility of other goodly dwarves somewhere on this continent. Much drinking was done, and Drevan Raniuthas even made a bit of gold the following morning with tonics to cure hangovers.

Gilsa Lobly found out about a halfling village to the south of Devonyork Keep from the Proudheart Halflings in the mighty dwarven mead hall, the Talking Head. She also discovered via Eyth Braigon Draug that the royal family of House Arilian apparently has a bounty on her head.

With some new additions to the group in the form of yet more critters, our hero’s, the Dwarves of the Commons and some of the Duchess’ best soldiers prepare to head out with the intent of maintaining the caravan routes to Newcastle Hold as well as further investigating the Duergar presence.

Session 2
Into the Deep

The adventurers head into the cave to find a Dwarven ruin being rebuilt by a group of human mercenary types. After a fierce battle, the party freed the slaves and saved the day (without dying).

Packing up their findings and the remaining caravan personel, everyone heads back towards Leibourne to drop off Mr. Bill before heading onward to Devonyork Keep

Session 1
Wagons Ho!

Moonday, 5th of Gozrik, 3156 AR

Everyone, for their own reasons, finds themselves part of a caravan headed north out of Leibourne. The month long journey across the Cascade Range to the fledgling duchy of Kent over the snowy mountains promises to be a trying ordeal.

The caravan consists of 10 wagons total. The merchant Mr. Bill has his personal wagon, 4 wagons loaded with construction goods, and the chuck wagon. Close behind the chuck wagon comes Gary the Great, a very odd bard. Following him are the homesteaders, Mark and Diane Cartwright with their 16 yo son Steven, and John and Sarah Smith with their 15 yo daughter Lynnette. Bringing up the rear is Drevan and his wagon.

Andrik was hired by Mr. Bill, the merchant running the caravan, to be an advanced scout, making sure the next days route was clear by keeping a day ahead of the caravan.

Eyth Braigon Draug was also hired as a scout by Mr. Bill, keeping the perimeter patrolled.

Torin Thunderkeg was hired by Mr. Bill as a caravan guard, and rides along on Mr. Bills personal wagon.

UnJak Rastan paid Mr. Bill for passage, and rides along with Tony on the Chuck Wagon.

Drevan Raniuthas is following along behind Mr. Bills caravan, which Mr. Bill is ok with as long as Drevan keeps his alchemy lab wagon at the back of the line.

Gilsa Lobly has stowed aboard one of the homesteader wagons in the caravan.

The trip was uneventful until the 8th day, when a log was found across the trail. Through sheer muscle, the obstruction was manhandled out of the way, and camp was set for the night.

Gilsa was found overnight, during which time Eyth, or Braigon as he is known, accosted Mrs. Cartwright in her wagon. Songs shall be written of this, to be sure.

The following day the Cartwright and Smith’s teenage children, Steven and Lynnette, were found missing. As a search party was formed, Andrik showed up to report a rock slide a day ahead blocking the planned route. He then joined the search party and the wayward teens were recovered.

Upon returning to camp, an alternate route was chosen and they got a good nights sleep, planning to head out the following morning. They had an uneventful journey, but ended up having to camp overnight on the snowy wind-blown landscape. In the morning, it was discovered the teenagers were missing. Again.

Mr. Bill said he would take the caravan down to lower ground, and for everyone to catch up. It took 6 hours, but they managed to find the pair, retrieve the wagons and continue on, only to find a bit more then they expected, including a dog to be named Lucky.

The Arakhorn: Session 1
The Halfling Slaughter

The simple task of clearing a road from a mudslide has led the Arakhorn to the site of a vicious slaughter. From here, the search begins for their companion Dagon, and the culprits behind the atrocity.

Flames of Fate: Session 2
The Headsman and the Mage

Summoned by Raike, you arrive at the Green Griffon Tavern to discover The Headsman seems to be missing. Salthu, back after escaping captivity, joins the Flames of Fate in the search for their missing member.

A Debt Repaid: Session 4
New Friends and Enemies

After defeating a group of enemy troops, including half-orcs and goblins as well as House Arilian soldiers, the party discovers some new friends. Soon their new friendship is put to the test, as the stalwart adventurers take on giants in the growing vineyard town of Vinehaven.

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A Debt Repaid: Session 3
From Town to Tower

After freeing the village of Rockwell, our Hero’s help shore up the defenses while waiting for word from Duke Atmund. They finally receive a pigeon from Baron Scabetti, the Duke’s right hand man, telling them to track the orcs and find out which direction their heading, and if possible what their destination is. With this, the intrepid adventurers take of to persue the combined forces of orcs, half-orcs, goblins and the soldiers of House Arilian.

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A Debt Repaid: Session 2
Arrival at Rockwell

The party arrives at Rockwell to find House Arilian soldiers outside the gates.

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A Debt Repaid: Session 1
A Debt Repaid

Tasked by Duke Atmund to investigate the goings on in the boarder village of Rockwell, the party heads west on a three day journey.

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