Bloodwolf Legion: Session 6

After ambushing some Knights of Sarenrae, the legionnaires head north to return to Docktown, the small fishing village they were contracted to bring to heel. Talelle managed to convince a Cleric of Sarenrae, as well as one of the goddesses Battle Monks, to follow her to the corpse of their comrade. These two do-gooders were also dispatched by the party.

Following this Krugar brought the corpse of the Cleric, animated by Gregor the Unrepentant, to the entrance to the town, and proceeded to decapitate him in an intimidating show of viciousness. The strongest of the fishing village tried to fend off the Bloodwolf mercenaries with the help of some acolytes of Sarenrae, but the highly potent party was to much for the peace craving people.

After a running fight both on and off Docktown. Brother Grend worked his melee magic while Rose pierced those he grappled with deadly efficiency. The fight was decidely over, however, when Thorn obliterated the boat belonging to the followers of Sarenrae, a boat trying to flee while crowded with children and elderly.

The fireball incinerated a quarter of the boat instantly, cooking the peasants on board alive. Gregor, to his goddesses chagrin, lept into the water and proceded to save many of the victims from the brink of death.

For what will follow, with inner party conflict building up and profit margins disappearing, tune in next week!

Bloodwolf Legion: Session 5
Divide and Conquer

Word finally came from the Lieutenant Dan, a messenger showing up at the Manor and providing our evil doers with their contact information for their next job. It takes a few days, but they finally make it to the warlords encampment.

Tinklehoof the Terrible, the halfling centaur, welcomed the party into his opulent tent and spelled out the contract. His pony sized body was a shaggy dingy brown with leather barding. The cruel looking halfling smiled, his scarred features twisting half the grin into a sneer.

“There’s a fishing village a day and a half ride south of here, it’s on a river along the edge of the Endless Forest and Aydan. They normally pay us protection money in the form of large quantities of fish, which my army desperately needs.” Tinklehoof stared down the Bloodwolf mercs, “And now they quit payin.”

“I need that food coming in on a steady basis, and your job is to make that happen.” Reaching down the centaur grabbed a large bag of gold and lifted it onto the table with a heavy thud. “This here is extra, if you find out what put them in this state of mind and make sure it doesn’t ‘spread’.”

The contact made, the party headed out to the village of Docktown, fishing community build on a series of docks sticking far out into the river.

Meanwhile, Thorn is back at the Manor in Spears End and is working on his campaign to become cities new magistrate. Luckily for him, nobody else knows there’s even an election, which provides him with a great head start.

Bloodwolf Legion: Session 4
Home Sweet Home

After a full nights rest, and some more supplies, the legionaries head back into the manor’s basement. Further exploration of the basement showed it was extended in a series of caverns and tunnels, and that the necromancer seemed to have dug underneath a nearby cemetery, apparently harvesting the corpses from below ground. Complete with access to an underground saltwater waterway of some sort, an unfinished labyrinth, and magical statues, the basement area is quite larger then it seemed.

And home to quite a bit of treasure.

Bloodwolf Legion: Session 3
Mind your Manor

Four of the party were called back to the Legion for reasons unknown, but three more Legionaires show up with a pile of gold to join with the two remaining from the original party. Gregor the Unrepentant and Talelle welcome the bringers of money, Thorn, Rose, and Krugar, and after a small time outfitting themselves, infiltrate the necromancers manor in the inner city of Spears End.

Bloodwolf Legion: Session 2
The Three-Way

Picking up the necromancers trial from the cemetery, our soulless band of murderers heads south. After a day and night of watching Katsu Takara ride, they come upon a battle just nearing it’s end.

Three wagons sit in the middle of a field of corpses. Two of the wagons are destroyed, but the middle wagon seems to be built of sturdier stuff, and is intact. The ground is littered with dead humans, lizardfolk and skeletons, and the sound of fighting can be heard to the south east.

Bloodwolf Legion: Session 1

Lieutenant Dan has a job for our do-badders, to retrieve a book of histories relating to Aydan Stormcrow which was ‘acquired’ from a local barbarian tribe by bandits unknown.

Heading to Spears End the legionnaires find a knight of House Devonyork has also been asking around about the same book. Following the knights trail to a graveyard a ways outside town, they find the dead walking.

The Fallen: Session 2

Getting ready to pack up camp and head out for the day, our hero’s find [:celeste] lighting up in a blue glow and stating the prophecy that has hounded the Fallen for generations. Celeste, having no memory of the event, takes their reactions in stride, but is intent on finding out what is going on.

The party enters the town of Marshurst to recover from their journey and plan their next move. While in town hi-jinks and shenanigans mix with fact finding missions and bardic performances as everyone tries to gather information. Finding no rumor from Lance Point, they decide to head off west towards the capital of Newcastle Hold.

Joining up with a few wagons hauling goods to Newcastle, our adventurers save a group of farmers caught by dwarven bandits.

The Fallen: Session 1
Lance Point

The Fallen are forced into action to protect Celeste, the last remaining member of the Brennan bloodline after her father, Lord Brennan, was reported killed in a skirmish north-west of Lance Point. Fearing an overpowering orcish attack, a small group of the Fallen head out with Pip and Celeste to the south-east, following the edge of the Fogland Marsh to make a wide circuit to Newcastle Hold. The remaining Fallen stay behind to guard the town and verify the fate of Lord Brennan while the rest of the townsfolk fled south.

Celeste Brennan was whisked away from her home by her mentor Pip and her ever present bodyguard Grumpy with two other townsfolk, after finding out her father, Lord Brennan, had been killed by orcs. The rider had delivered the message, along with his arrow riddled body, to the center of town. Now she has been attacked and seen men killed right next to her, as well as discovering there’s more to these townsfolk, even her life long bodyguard, then meets the eye.

Kragg proved to be more then just a blacksmith and carpenter, annihilating his foes with flail and spiked shield.

Seaian Joysword used his knowledge of the marsh to guide the party away from Lance Point. His verbal sparring is nearly as good as his actual swordplay.

Pip Fleetfoot is finally on a grand adventure, though it didn’t start out quite as well as it could have, and his bardic talents proved quite useful.

Grumpy seemed to be in his element, cleaving through the enemy with is mighty sword. Who knows how the tension between he and Pip will play out.

Session 6
Trizzlebunk and Friends

The combined army from Stone Hall Keep and Devonyork Keep have joined together at Leibourne and set off into the Cascade Range.

Our new hero’s are grouped together by the military to start scouting the surrounding area, where they end up setting up camp high in the mountains. And of course, being surrounded by drifts of snow and not much else, what else would you expect to encounter in the morning then a blue haired gnome and his metal companion?

Ice Golems, ancient clues and beating up on squires await!

Session 5
Rise of the Lich

Having cleared out the majority of the Duergar Ruins, the party re-engages the Lich. Proving too powerful to be overcome the undead fiend kills Andrik, Braigen, Drevan and Torin. Unjak becomes unhinged and flees, and little Gilsa leaves the corpses of the only friends she’s ever known and heads back toward Devonyork Keep.

The task of further unraveling the Duergar threat falls to the large combined army of dwarves and humans heading towards the ruins, and the hero’s in the army’s midst that shall rise to the call of adventure!


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