Aydan Stormcrow

Aydan was the Commodore of a feared pirate fleet. His flag shows a large raven in flight over a giant’s skull. He was a human, wide shouldered, thick armed, and with a broad muscled belly. He kept his head shorn of hair and sported tattoo designs on his arms, crown, cheeks, and back. He had no beard but sports a long braided mustache that is connected to his hair with thick chops. Hair is a red – brown hue. Facial scar from a sword fight crosses his nose from the right hairline to left cheek. Moderately young, in his thirties. Commanded a fleet of pirate vessels. They harried anyone that is in their path, but mostly just to maintain their reputation. Aydan prefered to raid and rob from nobility, thinking them weak and pompous. He has a special hatred for rich bloodlines, particularly because they tend to shape the laws of the lands. He lived on the sea for its freedom, and was known to adopt farmers and commoners to his fleet. Those of low birth had a high respect of this man, and in this crowd he is often well loved.

He had a firm, deep seeded hatred for Lord Kent Devonyork, whom he saw as the embodiment of everything that is unjust in the world. Obsessed with defeating the man, he crashed on the shore of Callambea chasing his quarry.

The feud ended there. The threat of orc invasions brought Aydan and Kent together to help push back the host in The Red Founding. Grudgingly the two forged a truce and with the help of the elves won the Commonwealth.

Regardless of his low birth and savage nature, Aydan is considered a war hero. His ferocity against the hordes is still spoken of in the fields, forges, and low places of humanity.

Aydan Stormcrow

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