The Baeleth, or Eternal Guardians in the common tongue, are protectors of the Endless Forest. They patrol the borders and wilderness their entire lives in five elf squads, protecting the forest and it’s inhabitants. They are normally the first responders to all forms of danger within the wood, from monster uprisings to Orc incursions from the Wilds to the north. Theirs is a hard life of service to kin they rarely get to interact with.

Every fifty years, the five Elven Nations each put forth one Baeleth, a person who best represents them as a people. Each nation has a different selection process, choosing their exemplar from those aged between 110 and 170. These five are sent to the Dwin’ghymn on the last day of the Norreplith Festival. Upon completion of their training, each squad is named for their group dynamic before being sent to live out their lives serving as guardians of the forest.

As each of the elven nations are represented in each squad, the Baeleth are considered apolitical by the denizens of the forest. Squads operate with complete autonomy, beholden only to the Dwin’ghymn. While they hold no official authority, it is considered a grave offense to interfere with the Baeleth in any nation as their actions are considered to be for the betterment of all.


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