Cállambëa is a continent nestled to the southeast of the Known Lands in Golarion. It sets just below the equator and is a temperate to tropic land. The majority of the continent is warm the majority of the world, with only the highest altitudes of the mountain ranges reaching winter conditions.

Elves have been a part of this place since before the Age of Darkness, and the Five Elven Nations have stood guard over massive monster hordes almost since the dawn of time. Humans landed on the continent in 2650 AR during the Age of Enthronement, and have been building their kingdom ever since. Of the colonists, the humans are the mass majority. There are however dwarves, gnomes, and halflings that sailed in human fleets that have also begun making this continent their home.

Before the Red Founding, the areas outside of elven borders were infested with roaming monster hordes of orcs, giants, goblins, trolls, and kobolds. While the first war of men here diminished that host (with the help of the elves) Cállambëa is still a treacherous place.

The colonies on this land were founded by massive ship fleets controlled Lord Kent Devonyork and his former advisary, the pirate Aydan Stormcrow.

Kent is attributed for building Devonyork Keep, a massive dwarf built castle on the Lei River. Aydan is revered by people of low birth, and sometimes amongst the nobility, for his battle prowess at the Red Founding.


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