Devonyork Commonwealth

The kingdoms of Aydan, Caleigh and Kent, joined together by heritage, geography and common interests.

In times past a rich human prince by the name of Kent Devonyork set sail south-east away from Golarion, far out into unexplored waters. His flotilla made landfall on a continental body, and established a colony in what would later be known as Caleigh through the vicious landing known as The Red Founding.

Through many generations, and adventurers worthy of a Bards song, Caleigh prospered and expanded. The Kings Road was carved through the Cascade Range to access the perfect farming climate of what would later become the Kingdom of Kent.

As Kent rose up from its fertile farmlands, further exploration led to the eventual discovery and population of Aydan.

While primarily human, all three kingdoms welcome other like-minded peoples of the goodly races. Half-Orcs are tolerated in Kent and Caleigh, but are able to attain prominence and positions of power and honor among the Aydan.

Devonyork Commonwealth

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