Endless Forest


The Endless Forest of Eythereth borders the human kingdoms of Aydan and Caleigh, extending for hundreds of miles south and west to the Arcadian Coast. It is so large one can notice changes in types of trees, underbrush, animals and even climate without ever leaving the lush canopy.

It is common knowledge that the woods house the Elven Nations and is teeming with a variety of Fey and magical beasts. The outskirts of the forest are fairly open to travelers, but more than a few hours headed into the trees and you can walk into serious opposition from elven patrols.

The Nations ever watchful scouts guard the main trails through the wood, and provide escorts to merchants and diplomats seeking their people, should they be properly vetted. This is not easy to accomplish as there is no formal procedure to acquire such a thing, leaving individuals to figure out themselves how to garner such a boon.

Endless Forest

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