First Moot of Cállambëa


On Starday, the Eighth of Desnus, 3156 AR a moot is called at the Dwarven Common of Devonyork Keep. This would be the first gathering of Longbeards these clans had held over serious concerns. Torin Thunderkeg called the moot upon returning from his caravan into the Cascades. He entered town with his fellow adventurers including Gilsa , Unjak, Drevan, Braigon, and Andrik.

This moot was called to address something these adventurers had discovered while last in the mountains. The Duergar, the grey ancient enemies of true dwarves, have been sighted on the surface in the range. In addition, they are allegedly working with mercenary bands hindering the flow of building materials north through the mountain pass. Torin and his party described the dwarven architecture, well made, and without the curse of Droskar. They told the dwarves of the words of the washerwomen that had been enslaved, that grey dwarves had recently worked with the mercenaries. Torin shared his fear of enslaved dwarves that could have been held by these Duergar for centuries. The Warstiens quickly agree that the possibility is likely, muttering the word “slave” with contempt through clenched teeth.

The moot did not hold any fervent speeches, just the simple truth. In the end, it was enough to spur the clans into action. Preparations for a large exploratory party into the caves was planned. The Duchess of Devonyork promised the aid of humanity in the way of transport, food, and arms. Dwarves began suiting up for the trip to Leiborne where they hope to gather more dwarves from the clans there. Birds were sent flying over the mountains for New Castle gathering what dwarves they can from the building effort.

The elven ranger Braigon spoke to the moot, promising the aid of the elven nations should this threat prove too great. While the Thunderkegs and Warstiens (Torin included) thought the notion insulting, the elder of the Kettlebellies quickly saw the value of such aid. While the clans prefer to trust in dwarven strength to meet this ancient enemy, the wisdom of the Kettlebelly and the Oathshield Longbeards broke through their pride. Thanks were given to the elf for the aid of his people. Hopefully this would prove a war that would restore these pilgrim dwarves in the eyes of their Father. If their strength proves true, this might clean the slate of their ancestors who abandoned their brothers at the Five Kings Mountains. If the host should prove massive, however, it might take more than the sturdy dwarves to ensure this threat is quelled.

The adventurers prepare themselves to join the dwarves, everyone knowing and appreciating the potential threat. They set off after the clans, into the pages of history.

First Moot of Cállambëa

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