The Brugdyn Dwarves


The Brugdyn Dwarves make their home in and below the highest peaks of the Cascade Mountains, between the Kings Road and the sea to the east. They are a hard, calculating, and industrious people who are generally believed to be surly, xenophobic, and devoid of compassion. Their Lawful Evil society boasts the best slavers on the continent.


The Brugdyn Dwarves legend is that they were among the dwarves who stayed behind in Nar-Voth when their brethren began their Quest for Sky. With their numbers greatly reduced from the mass exodus, the Brugdyn fought hard to keep their ancient city from falling to the encroaching races of the Darklands. In just a few hundred years, the dwarves who remained in the Darklands had to abandon many of their ancestral homes. The Brugdyn, facing the prospect of their own city being overrun, discovered an alternative course of action. In a moment of genius, King Brud Brugdyn made a deal with the evil dwarven god Droskar.

Torag and his Quest for Sky had emptied the ancestral home of the dwarves, their ancient cities falling one after another to the inhabitants of the Darklands. Torag had also cursed Droskar ages before, removing the smiths ability to create original works and beginning a cold war between the two deities.

King Brud’s deal stated if the evil deity would deliver the Brugdyn clan to a new home, under a continent separate from their dwarven kin, they would complete their own Quest for Sky. They would construct an empire as magnificent as what was lost. This empire would be dedicated to Droskar, and would be continually perfected in his name. Droskar accepted, and soon after offered more deals to those dwarves still in Nar-Voth, eventually turning them into the feared Duergar.

Upon landing under the high mountains of Callambea, they began their centuries long journey to the surface, constantly fighting for survival and perfection.

The Caste System

Brugdyn is divided into several castes, each devoted to its task.

The Faith

Laduguer symbol

Brudgyr has no secular society, and as such the faith is the cornerstone from the Priest King, down to the tradesman. Every child begins his training at a temple, and it is there that he learns what caste he will toil in. The priests are the judges of the realm, passing down judgement. The festivals held every year are deeply rooted in religious race cleansing. The dwarves themselves are made more pure by the death of the weak, and lesser races are killed during the event in ceremonial showing of the dominance of the Brugdyn over lesser creatures.

The god of which is Droskar, the dwarven god of toil, darkness, and trickery.

Political Structure

  • The Iron Shield – The Priest King of Brudgyr . The Current ruling Shield is King Garus Greyshield.
  • The High Consul – Two advisers that take the high seat with the Priest King, on smaller seats to the right and left of the throne. These seats are reserved for representatives from the Terash Bracta and the Var Tal Tyrvallyn.
  • The Low Consul – Consists of lesser adviser representatives from the four other lesser castes. They often are assigned smaller tasks relative to their caste. They are rarely chosen to give advice.

The Brugdyn Dwarves

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