The Era of Adventure

It has been five hundred years since the The Red Founding. Since the colonists landed and conquered their kingdom they have not sat idle. Castles have been built at the town of Leibourne, Stonehall, and Devonyork Keep. These towns have been fortified and are central hubs in the southern kingdom. Dwarven architecture went into these stout cities, as they hope will soon go into the town of New Castle north of the Cascade Range.

The human population has experienced an explosion. Most of the southern plains are now human controlled, and expansion is well underway in the northern plains. Aydan Stormcrow, not fit for a noble’s life, has taken his most trusted pirates with him and settled the Kingdom of Aydan west of the Razorback Mountain Range. His descendants still rule there in a tribal culture.

The other colony races have also experienced a population growth over the centuries. Dwarven architecture is so prized in new settlements that it is common for the major cities and castles to host a dwarven commons. These districts have quickly filled to bursting in Leibourne, Devonyork, and Stonehall. Halflings and gnomes are more common now, though still rare enough to meld with human civilization easily.

This is an era of adventure. With new townships being built and settled, adventurers are in high demand. Caravan guards are hired regularly to pass through the Cascades and into the pioneer fledgling Duchy of Kent. Rangers provide guides, mages the magics to create new roads, rogues work as scouts and trapmakers. Cállambëa forgets its troubles after the Red Founding, and heroes strike out to make a name for themselves.

It is during this time that a motley group of adventurers set forth on the mountain trail to the northern plains. There they embark on what they believe to be a routine trip, and meet their destiny instead.

The Era of Adventure

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