The Red Founding

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Lord Kent Devonyork Lands on the shores of Cállambëa (at the mouth of the Lei River) with his expedition fleet. The voyage from known Golarion to this unknown and uncharted land has taken its toll. His ships have shrunk in size from eighty large vessels to a meager forty–seven. Disease, piracy, and turbulent waters have made passage back to his homeland a foregone dream. He instructs his crew to disassemble the remaining ships. These make the basis of the first human settlement on the continent.

The Pirate fleet that has harried his travels for years under the guidance of Aydan Stormcrow also ran ashore on Cállambëa. His crew makes ready to continue the fight on land, pausing only to fortify their own settlements.

Both fleets have non human races, smaller in number than their human shipmates. Dwarf exiles from the sky citadels working as shipwrights, miners, and architects arrive with both the pirate vessels and Devonyork’s force. These dwarves were refuges from the Five Kings Mountains, where the Sky Citadels had been taken over by orcish invasion.

Halflings were often seen as servants, jesters, and bards among Kent’s ships. There are even a few Gnomes aboard these ships as engineers, architects, and wind wizards.

The continued skirmish between the pirates and the noble expedition could have ended any chance of these groups ever successfully gaining a foothold on Cállambëa. Perhaps it is lucky for them that such a chance at a continued blood feud never occurred. Shortly after landing and establishing townships, both settlements suffered under the weight of orcish raiding parties.

Bolstered by giants, goblins, kobolds, and trolls, the Orcish tribes of the planes brought battle to the humans, forcing both groups to focus purely on defense. This forced both Kent and Stormcrow to work together at fortifying defenses and pushing back the host. The Red Founding was well underway, and would last the greater part of four years.

On the fifth year of the Founding, The elves of Cállambëa rushed to the new comers aid. This was a prime opportunity for the elves to diminish a host they had been battling for centuries and had barely contained. With the combined strength of both hosts the monsters were pushed north out of the plains into the Cascade Range. The Red Founding ended on the sixth year, and the Oaken Pact was signed.

Since the Red Founding, the colonists have spent the last five hundred years pushing the enemy host north into the mountains and the plains beyond. They have built Devonyork Keep, Leibourne, Stone Hall Keep to solidify the boarder of Caleigh. They later expanded further, establishing Kent and later Ayden as human kingdoms, and pushing the orcish hordes all the way out of the Razorbacks and into the Wilds.

Relations with the elves are formal and distant, but amiable. While elves and humans keep to their own realms, it is common for elven rangers to act as guides through the forests, and there is occasional trade. Half Elves have been brought into the world by those finding close friendships along the boarder of the Endless Forest, and some small villages of human and elves living side by side on the forests edge have helped settle the Oaken Pact into a lasting peace.

The Red Founding

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