Clan Kettlebelly

The Kettlebelly’s used to serve as cooks, and many still do. They make a tasty bear stew along with other dwarven delicacies at the Talking Head. They have close relations with clans Thunderkeg and Warstien.

A Kettlebelly is most known for its namesake, a large round belly. Unlike their primary allies, these dwarves are slow to anger. They are also slow on anything that relates to action. Often their comedic view of life makes others look at them as lazy. Like all dwarves if a situation deserves attention they can be counted on. Unlike other dwarves, they take a lot longer in making that determination. Generally they enjoy a simpler, jovial lifestyle. It is uncommon to meet a grim or bristled Kettlebelly. Smiles are open, laughter is prevalent, and charity is common place. They rarely meet an enemy and of all the clans are the most inviting to outsiders. The Kettlebellies that take on the culinary arts almost always have large, protruding bellies. These dwarves believe a skinny cook should not be trusted.

The Thunderkegs and Warstiens are fiercely protective of the Kettlebellies. They look at them like one would a little brother. While not as fierce as the other clans, they are well loved. Because of their commonly rosey cheeks and pudgy bellies, they give the impression of a amiable grandfather. Their even temper often makes them the conscience of the three clans.

The heraldry is a cookpot and two crossed bastard swords on a grey field.

Clan Kettlebelly

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