Clan Warstien

Warstien , like Thunderkeg, are known for their ales. They have close relations with Thunderkegs, as both families are often seen inside the Talking Head working or as patrons. They often battle recipes with the Thunderkegs, but the rivalry serves to improve both families ales.

This clan shares a lot of common stereotypes with Thunderkeg. They enjoy a good brawl, a better brew, and a rambunctious tavern life. They are more infamous for mischief than most Thunderkegs, but they are also famous for their character strengths. Commonly, but not as a rule they tend to be more bristly than their allied clan. They have very little use for useless people. While they trade jibes with Thunderkegs and Kettlebellies, they don’t take kindly to those they have not become friends with making flippant comments about them. Of all the dwarven clans, Warstien is the most commonly known for exclusion. They are the first to yearn for a home of their own, and of the clans are the ones most commonly used to sticking with other dwarves. A friendship with a Warstein, however, is made for life.

Overall these bristly, violent dwarves are also fiercely loyal. They tend to believe that what doesn’t kill you is only Torag reforging you. Few dwarves are as brave as a common Warstien, and those that have become adventurers excelled at tracking and combat. They yearn for the dwarves to have a kingdom of their own, but that is their only complaint. They look down on those that tend to complain, viewing them as weak.

Their heraldry is a overflowing beer stein and two crossed warhammers on a black field.

Clan Warstien

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